Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shame on you, Mr. Bush

Shame on you President Bush.

President Bush said, when he vetoed the SCHIP children’s health insurance bill, that he vetoed the bill because it was too expensive and maybe some children, whose parents could afford private insurance, would instead choose the federal health insurance. Finally, he said, it would be bad for the country for the government to give those children the insurance.

First, I wonder if Mr. Bush would veto the next appropriation bill to fund the war in Iraq. After all, some of the money might go to contractors who are manipulating the books for fake and excess expenses to pad their already inflated wallets. No, the money is needed to fund the troops and the SCHIP is needed for the children.

Health care for our children is not too expensive and what is bad for the country is a child not getting health insurance.

Here in Missouri, Roy Blunt, the house minority whip is absolutely certain they can sustain the president's veto. Also Sam Graves and Kenny Hulsoff were more than content to be loyal Bushies and vote against the bill. They children are not a priority and giving them health insurance is bad for the country (Bushes own words).

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