Friday, October 5, 2007

Poem: I am Lost


Iam lsto
The ideas, the concepts
the quagmiire of too many, to sort, to understand,
of opposing views, of opposition, of destruction,
as words, written and spoken, few understood, few accepted
as most fly on past, to the past, gone before I can understand them,
as channels change, and pages turn, too quickly, too gone, too gone, too gone,
I am lost.
As I sit at my computer, writing, composing, decomposing, the words of the great,
I realize how few, and how too many the greats were, and the greats aren’t and
I start
confused, cfoneusued - iedas, cceonpts, hTe sntecne, as I wtrie it, bceoems cfseonud nda lsot in oot mnay iedas form yteredeasy nad tdoay. aWtl hiWmtamn is het fehtar of dab pertoy.
So I srot het iedas oznigarng tehm by ptirioy an
Iam lsto.

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