Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ed Rawn

Ed Rawn passed away two summers ago. He was remarkable. He was a giant in size and in spirit. Every Saturday, we would all meet. He would sit and listen giving everyone his full attention. Occasionally, he would add a few words in the richest baritone. His voice was music.

Ed was many things: a scholar, an educator, a mentor, a friend, a counselor, a minister, and a giant. He joked that when he went he wanted not to be buried, but he wanted the big burn. Let the earth have his ashes.

Ed was the kindest and wisest man I ever knew. I wrote these words about him:


Giant heart anticipated the big burn
Sitting subtle giving deft philosophy
In cello baritone

In sparse words Giant Heart
Specifics wisdom and smiles
In warm waves toward everyone

As conversation flows from smile
To smile he listens nodding
The comfort of friends

Giant Heart
Improved all he knew
In word caresses as brilliant as flowers
Ideas the sublime of sunset

The good doctor, the giant man
From dust to ash, opened many lives
A space we can never fill.

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Jeff & Gina Smith said...

For some reason I thought of Ed Rawn today. A google search landed me on your site. I can only assume from your description that this is the same Ed Rawn who taught music at North Harrison, Eagleville, Missouri, in the early 70's. I have not seen Mr. Rawn since 1978. He was a very caring teacher. I am sorry to learn of his death. Jeff Smith, Maryville, Missouri